J.A CRAWFORD CO.’s mission statement is to be a valued partner to our customers by offering the best in Precision Fluid Dispensing Solutions. We are dedicated to “Exceeding the Expectations of Our Customers.”

Our goal is to deliver the highest level of technical product understanding, application knowledge, and customer service with world class quality precision fluid dispensing solutions. Our objective is to help our customers ‘exceed’ their ‘expectations’ by offering superior products and services in precision fluid dispensing.

Customers’ orders must be processed promptly and accurately. Reliability of shipments and invoicing will be maintained. We endeavor for a friendly business environment.

We value our suppliers and associates and we offer an uncompromising commitment and dedication to treating all with professionalism, respect, and leadership. We strive for continuous improvement.

Our employees are our greatest assets. We are committed to providing an environment where growth and development are encouraged. We believe in individual responsibility, both to our company and to our community.

To continue as a reliable sales organization, we must create profits and continually evaluate costs. We are obliged to provide competent management. We are committed to using our company resources to improve our organization and endeavor towards future growth.

In all we do, we will reach the highest level of ethics including honesty, fairness, trustworthiness, and sincerity. Above all, our integrity and reputation must be maintained.

Our overall goal is to capitalize on our employees’ dedication, commitment, knowledge, and enthusiasm, and couple this with quality products in order to expand sales and profitability.